These calendars shows an overview of sign-ups in the Library and Computer Lab. It isĀ VIEW ONLY. To sign-up, go to your own Google Calendar and use the steps at the bottom of this page.

HS - J4 Computer Lab

HS - Library Computer Lab

HS - Library

HS-iPad Cart

MS-Library Computer Lab

MS-RM 4 Computer Lab

BCE - iPad Cart


BCE Chromebook Carts

How to sign up for the Library, Computer Lab or iPad Cart:

  1. On YOUR Google Calendar, drag through the time desired.
  2. Click "Edit EventĀ >>"
  3. Fill in your name in the top space.
  4. On the far right click "Rooms, etc"
  5. Click "Add" for the place desired.
  6. Fill in a description if you'd like.
  7. Click "SAVE"
If you'd like to see everyone's sign-ups on your own calendar, email Rachel for the url.